Shower Enclosures (Frameless, Semi-Frameless, and Framed)

One of our services we specialize in is the installation of 3 different types of shower doors. Each section is dedicated to a specific shower door with pictures to help you understand the difference. If there is any questions about them, please, email us at

.:Frameless Shower Doors:.

These are some of the frameless shower doors we have installed in the past. 

Here is a rundown of some information involving standard installation of shower doors. If you have any questions you can email or call us ANY time of the day.

  • The glass we use is always tempered (Safety Glass)

  • The thickness is usually 3/8". 1/2" glass is common as well. 

  • As you can see in the pictures, we use small clips (Color= Hardware color of bathroom/I.E. Chrome, Brush Nickel) for all of our fixed panels. This makes our shower doors frameless. We do install shower doors with the "U-Channels" upon request. 

  • We seal the shower door with a thin layer of mildew resistant (MR) caulk. The caulk usually requires 48 hours to dry.

  • We usually have two hinges for our doors. The location of the door and hinges is dependent on the shower setup and tile job.

  • Common door widths are 24", 26" and 28".

  • Common height for the glass is 72", 76" and 78"

  • The most typical glass used is clear, tempered. We do install all different types of glass, like Rain and Starfire. Examples can be provided upon request.

  • Other types of glass include Rain, Starfire, Bubble, Monumental, Reeded, and Gray.


.:Semi-Frameless Shower Door:.

  • There are two different types of semi-frameless shower doors. The first one is sliding doors. The second one is a hinged door. 

  • The type is usually dependent as client preference and the setup.

  • The standard thickness for both is 1/4", although some customers like to go with the 3/8"  glass.

  • We offer all types of glass, like Rain, Starfire, Bubble, Monumental, Reeded, and Gray.

.:Framed Shower Doors:.

This is the least popular selection of shower doors , but also the least expensive way to go for our clients.

The reason for it not being so popular is because it the contains the most framing. A major question we always get is what is the difference between the framed and semi frameless shower doors? Simple, the door/door's in the semi frameless contain NO FRAME at all. The framed unit has frames on the doors too. You can look the the gallery and compare the doors yourself.