William Bowman, business owner for the past 40 years +, has another business opportunity for clients who want to hustle and make more money on their own time.

If you want to be successful you have to put yourself around successful people.

Bill has grossed millions of dollars throughout his years as a business owner.

Go through these bullet points to see if you fit the model. If so, email Bill personally at his main email; bbowman@markerman.com.


He will give you more information on the opportunity and see if you fit the type of person he is looking for the business.

-Ambitious and hungry. This opportunity is set at your pace and whenever you are able to put time into the business. 

-You want to make extra money on the side to pay for bills or to save up.​


-You enjoy being around successful and ambitious people too.​


-You enjoy opportunity's involving education and learning.​