Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to commonly asked questions about our services or products. If you have any suggestions then email us. Thank you.


How do we get an estimate?

We have a high-demand in the area so we try to be more efficient with our time (and yours!). Please send pictures and APPROX. measurements of projects to our main email:
We can start the process off there. We will have to come measure exact and go over details in-person if you want to move forward.


How long does it take to process an order and get the job underway?

There is many variables that go into the answer. It truly depends on the job and the products involved with the job. We have a majority of the glass and mirror in the facility and it can be customized in the shop. However, there are many jobs that involve glass or mirrors that need to be ordered because of special high-emd machines needed. Some of these types of orders include; beveled mirror, safety glass (tempered), insulated units, and unique glass/mirror (I.E. Antique mirror, seedy glass).


I want to go ahead and make an order. What do I do next?


Once a quote/estimate is accepted, we require a 50% deposit on all of our services to confirm the order. After the deposit is a official we will continue the order process. The final 50% is due after our team members coplete the job.
Late fees will apply after 21 NET days.


Does your company handle emergency glass repair jobs?

Yes,we do our best when it comes to emergency work. Call our main office line 732-528-1112